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Transmission Belts

Elastomer, leather, and fabric transmission and transport belts.

For power transmission of up to 5000 kW, with an effectiveness of over 98% and a belt speed of up to 100 m/s

These belt are structured like a sandwich. The inner part is made up of perfectly joined polyamide sheets, while a variety of different materials are used for the two covers.


Transmissions in two pulley drive systems in dirty and dusty environments. Multi pulley drive transmission in dirty and dusty environments. Light transmissions, controller belts in cross cutters and feeders. General use in paper folding, transferring, offset and rotary printing. Feeder belts in  offset printing and PE bag machines. Process belts in applications where very high abrasion occurs in the carrying surface. Box folding belts in folder-gluer. Spindle tapes in textile industries. Tangential belts in textile industry. Tangential belts in textile industry. Transmission in multi pulley drives. Two pulley drive transmission.